Rewaxing the Builford Waxed Canvas Products Line

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Builford jackets and backpacks are authentic waxed canvas products with Martexin Original Wax Canvas and beautiful, luxury vintage style.

High quality leather combined with classic waxed canvas, along with detailed finishings on every corner of the product tell the details of a prestigious product.

waxed canvas jacketwaxed canvas jacket

Some unique features of Builford waxed canvas products includes its waterproofing and durability, in addition to creating a distinct vintage, classic mood. The original waxing gives the products their waterproof feature, so even new Builford bags are already waterproof.

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waxed canvas backpack

Sometimes, when the oil of waxed canvas products is exposed to air, sun, or the natural course of wear, it naturally evaporates and the original canvas starts to show through.

waxed canvas backpack

After using the bag for a long time, if you want the same waxing on the bag as it was at the beginning, or want to improve the original waxing, it’s quite easy to rewax the canvas. This is especially useful during the rainy season to ensure the complete waterproofing of the bag or jacket. You can rewax or strengthen the waxing, particularly in the gaps or on the seams. Our Builford Refinishing Compound is easy to use and can restore your waxed canvas products to their original state!

In fact, with the natural scratches on the leather and the wear of the waxed canvas, Builford products never really look ‘worn-down,’ instead ageing into a charmingly vintage look.

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