School Bag Shopping Online at John Peters

To shop online or not to shop online, that is the question. Or is it? Not to go all Hamlet on you, but school bag shopping online is not nearly so serious as the question of all existence, and these days, incredibly easy and convenient. Though maybe you’re a traditionalist (and enjoyed my Shakespeare reference) and think shopping online is not so great as everyone makes it out to be, because you don’t know what you’re getting until it’s already paid for.

So let me take this post to say that school bag shopping online at , the main website for the awesome school bag brand John Peters New York, is definitely easy and convenient, and we can also guarantee that the bag you are promised is the bag that will arrive.

How can anyone do that, you ask.

First of all, it’s a basic philosophy for every brand that we at WKS Global support and produce. We walk the line between Hamlet and the modern world, keeping with tradition and proven techniques, but redesigning and reworking them into modern products.

It’s also the basic philosophy behind John Peters New York. The brand was launched by avid outdoorsman John Peters, who wanted backpacks that were strong and durable enough to handle his adventures, with no frills or fuss. You know about Cordura Plus Nylon, basically the most commonly used fabric for backpacks these days? John Peters did it first.  Everyone else copied him.

Still not convinced about doing your school bag shopping online at John Peters New York? Go check out the site first, here’s the link again: There is a ton of information there about each bag, including dimensions and photos from all angles – that’s right, you aren’t guessing on a backpack by looking at one picture.

What’s that .kr in the website? What’s John Peters doing in Korea? Won’t that complicate matters?

Short answer is no, it won’t!! WKS Global is a joint Singaporean/Korean venture collaborating with production and design of John Peters. When you do your school bag shopping online with us, there’s no need to worry the bag won’t arrive or arrive damaged – we have return policies for such cases and a deep commitment to making sure that you get the school bag you need to be successful. We know how important it is, and we’re interested in the craftsmanship and the quality of the backpacks, not just the profit.

So there you go. Unlike poor Hamlet, whose question we may never solve, this one is quite easy. To shop online for your next school bag or not to shop online?

Shop online!