Something Old, Something New: Builford Innovation

Innovation is the buzzword for the decade. Everyone wants to innovate, but the thing is, many “innovations” really aren’t at all. That’s because the word truly means to introduce something new. The dictionary says that it is to “make changes in something established by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.”

Most things that say “new,” aren’t really. But when it comes to Builford, there are many reasons why “innovate” is really the best word to describe the brand.

Something Established

Builford grounds itself first in history in a variety of ways. Here’s a couple top reasons:

  1. Martexin Waxed Canvas: All Builford bags use original Martexin waxed canvas, a formula that has almost a hundred years of history backing it up. It’s a strong, durable material, and we think the history speaks for itself.
  2. Vintage Style Design: Builford loves to look back at old-style knapsacks, rucksacks, hunting backpacks, and etc for inspiration. There’s a reason our backpacks feel kind of old style, but there’s something more. And that’s because…

Something New

We’re not just going to take old designs and old fabric and slap them together and call it “new.” That’s not innovation. 

At Builford, we worked closely with the Martexin formula to create a waxed canvas that was slightly thinner and more flexible than the original. We chose new technology for quality linings and seams. We went looking for the perfect accompaniment for the waxed canvas and found a specially treated leather that doesn’t dry out or crack.

And then we set our designers to work. You’ve heard of waxed canvas outdoors bags, and you’ve heard of fashion bags — but a cross between the two? It’s not just a cross; Builford bags are unique pieces of creation, a new kind of all-purpose bag born from established practice. 

That’s what we call innovation! 

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