Sophisticated Backpacks for High School Girls

The last time I googled “backpacks for high school girls,” all I saw were very cutesy backpacks with outlandish patterns and pictures, or very plain, simple backpacks like Jansport or similar. Not that there is anything wrong with either, but I’m pretty sure there are plenty of high school girls out there whose style is between terribly cute and terribly plain. And they should get backpacks that fit their style as well.

Upon first look, you might think Builford backpacks look like outdoors-style backpacks, for long treks, camping, etc. It’s true that they work very well for that, but they also make excellent backpacks for high school girls precisely because they are in their own category of fashion. They are infinitely more sophisticated than a denim creation with stars all over it, the kind of classic style that is just fancy enough to feel special, but not enough to be outlandish.

When I was in high school, I remember wanting to be sophisticated more than anything, especially as a junior and senior. I didn’t want to be a kid anymore – didn’t want to be treated like a kid, dress like a kid, etc. I think if I’d have known about Builford then, I’d have loved it as a backpack because Builford is just, plainly speaking, classy.

It is perfectly okay to want to be grown up, and choosing a stylish, sophisticated backpack is one very easy way of expressing that. The waxed canvas and leather of Builford backpacks work in excellent harmony to pull off the quintessential luxury vintage look. You could quickly become the envy of all the girls in school.

Besides that, the backpacks are also quite practical, which sets Builford apart from other fashion brands. Let’s be real – it’s not just about how you look. You probably won’t be remembered for how you looked in high school, but what you did with your life, your career. And Builford backpacks are built for success, with the waxed canvas lasting much longer than regular canvas or nylon. It will grow up with you, the wear and scratches on the canvas and leather lending it a deeper vintage feeling. By the time you graduate, you and your backpack will be filled with memories, and you won’t have to get a new backpack for university – Builford backpacks are guaranteed for life.

Dare to choose something a little different – Builford backpacks for high school girls are sophisticated, unique, and durable. Check out our website at to see what I mean – I’d check the Urban Backpack and the Classic Backpack in particular!

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