Spring Fashion: Builford Waxed Canvas Jackets

Today is the official first day of Spring! It might not be sunshine and daisies yet, but spring is coming. It’s hard not to feel it, the gentler weather, the buds on the trees, a few (or more) spurts of green pushing their way from the ground.

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time for a wardrobe changeover. Turtlenecks and sweaters are out, but T-shirts and shorts are not yet in. Spring fashion is tricky because it’s in between, not yet summer light but neither winter heavy.

It’s exactly the kind of weather for a Builford waxed canvas jacket. Waxed canvas jackets are lightweight, but also warm enough for the cool, brisk mornings and evenings.

The Builford waxed canvas jackets are offered in masculine and feminine designs, but both are inspired from old-time bomber and hunter jackets. They feature a number of pockets and a square shape. The female jacket comes with a belt to trim the figure, but it works just as well without. The best word that can describe the Builford waxed canvas jacket style is “cool.”

Spring isn’t always sunny. Rainy days and rain showers can come blasting in without notice. That’s another reason Builford waxed canvas jackets work so well for the season: they are waterproof by function of the waxed canvas.

Builford waxed canvas jackets are available on the official website and at select locations worldwide. To order yours today, visit www.builford.com!


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Beautiful, perfect fall waxed canvas coats!
Beautiful, perfect fall waxed canvas coats!