Spring Trends: Responsible Eco Fashion

Ask any teenager, and they will probably tell you that being responsible is not cool. But I’m pretty sure all of us can agree that responsible eco fashion is cool. That’s especially true with Vogatha fashion. The brand started with eco canvas totes, but has branched out now into more eco-friendly fashion handbags.

The new collection from Vogatha – the Sophie Handbag, the 3-Way Bag, and the Hera Backpack – proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that eco fashion is cool.

Cool Blue Beauty of Eco Fashion Handbags

3 way bag eco fashionThis delightful twilight-colored bag is made of a specially-developed synthetic leather. It doesn’t use any animal products, and really who needs regular old leather when you can have this gorgeous color? The bag comes in more subtle grey and navy, but also a glorious fire engine red.

The 3 Way Bag has many of its own tricks and metamorphoses — check them out by clicking the link above — but either way we’re crazy about the texture and feel of this eco fashion bag. 

Does that same smooth, soft texture work in a backpack?

You bet it does! That’s the Hera Backpack. Here’s a peek, in the same spellbinding blue:

Hera backpack eco fashionIt’s like having a little bit of the sky on your back all the time. The synthetic material looks soft, but it’s made to be tough. It’s waterproof, unlike leather, and can easily be cleaned! That’s the true advantage of eco fashion – it’s more practical than traditional fashion.

There are a million reasons to choose eco fashion these days. We’re all responsible for the world, and our choices affect it. Let’s face it, it’s not hard to swing on one of these beautiful Vogatha bags! It’s a small choice, but it makes a difference! 

To find out more about Vogatha, you can visit the website at www.vogatha.com. You can learn about this line of synthetic handbags, as well as browse the brand’s collection of eco canvas totes!