Summer Camping With Builford Backpacks

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Although we are still four days away from the official beginning of summer, I think it’s safe to say summer has arrived. It’s hot, it’s green, and it’s time to go on an adventure. Gather your Huckleberry spirit and your Builford backpack and head out into nature for a weekend of camping, fishing, trekking, or just sitting back and staring into the fire (with s’mores, of course).

If young Huckleberry Finn had had a backpack, it probably would have been Builford, or at least, it would look much like the modern Builford backpack. At the very least, it would almost certainly be made of waxed canvas, which is one of the most durable materials available for backpacks. That is in part due to its natural waterproof quality — believe you me, even if it’s not raining, you’ll want the waterproofing. 

Builford backpacks are inspired by old-style rucksacks, knapsacks, and outdoor gear, taking some of the best exploring designs and incorporating them into the packs. That means that the inner organization of the pack is prioritized to ensure that space is maximized and you can choose how to organize your things. The backpacks are large-sized but not over-sized, ensuring that you can still carry them on you back easily and comfortably during long hikes. 

There are many different models of Builford outdoor backpacks available,  so you can choose the one that best suits your needs — and, of course, style! The Roll Top Safari and Scout packs have “long weekend camping and fishing” written all over them, while the Hunter Rucksack has adventure stitched into its seams. 

There are many more, all available in a variety of colors, at the Builford website, Order yours today and rediscover your inner Huckleberry adventurer, and go explore the great outdoors with the wide-eyed wonder as though it were the first time!

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Waxed canvas bags – Builford roll top scout backpack Dark Oak Grid

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Hiking backpack