Waxed Canvas Student Backpacks At Builford

There are a lot of reasons to choose a waxed canvas backpack for outdoors activities such as trekking and camping for its natural waterproof quality. But when it comes to student backpacks, waxed canvas backpacks are also just as practical.

It might seem strange to say that a trekking pack can double as a student backpack. It would have to be a different model, wouldn’t it? But if you’re looking at Builford, the same backpack works for both. Builford student backpacks are so well-designed that they are suitable for the jungle and the urban jungle, for the rugged wilds and the rugged hallways. 

Student backpacks need space and durability; so do trekking packs. Builford packs are large enough for all the textbooks and homework (and the extracurriculars!). The waxed canvas makes them extra long-lasting and protects the most important things inside from water damage. There’s no point in turning in wet homework, is there?

Most Builford backpacks also come equipped with laptop compartments and sleeves for papers. Many also come with a special side zipper that opens directly into the main compartment, which makes it super easy to take out homework or books.

But in the end, why a Builford waxed canvas backpack as a student backpack? Here are three quick reasons:

  1. Durability: Pack it full, pack it heavy, pack it tough. Waxed canvas is one of the toughest materials around.
  2. Security: It’s been mentioned before, but it’s worth saying again: waxed canvas is waterproof. Your stuff, the important stuff, is safe and dry.
  3. Style: It’s beautiful, it’s fashionable, it’s stylish. Need I say more?

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