3 Reasons to Love Builford Style

Yesterday I was walking home with my roommate and her boyfriend and muttering about how heavy my backpack was.

My roommate said, “It looks awesome though.”

She’s right, of course, I couldn’t deny it. My backpack does look awesome. It’s an olive green Builford Explorer Rucksack, and with the leather cross finishings on the back with the waxed canvas and great shape, it’s an all over awesome backpack.

Most Builford backpacks are. Here’s some reasons to love the Builford style and packs:

1. Make your friends jealous: You don’t often think of a backpack as being the centerpiece of your style or the source of compliments — you’d think more clothing, or a handbag. But like my roommate proves, Builford’s the kind of pack that people admire, the kind that draws attention — but in a very good way.

2. Be your back’s friend: I said I was complaining about my bag being heavy. It was — I have to carry a lot of stuff around. But if I didn’t have the reinforced padding that is common to all Builford backpacks, it would have been much worse. As it was, it was just heavy. My back survives another day. Score again for the backpack.

3. Make it your best friend: All right, only slightly exaggerating here. The thing is, Builford bags last a long time. I mean, they come with a lifetime guarantee, for heaven’s sake. The waxed canvas is durable, but so is the design and the careful way it is sewed and produced. No cheap copies or pretend ruggedness here.

Builford backpacks are style items, fashion items, daily items, practical items. It’s all wrapped up together and presented in some of the most beautiful and useful backpacks I’ve seen yet. 

Browse the whole collection and order online at www.builford.com!

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