Backpack Innovation at John Peters New York

Usually, when you say “backpack innovation,” it either has to do with outdoor wear or fashion. Fashion backpacks are usually acquired by adding a zipper or too, preferably on the diagonal, and maybe a stiffer, more blocky shape. Rarely does it mean a backpack that is innovative and more functional for daily life, for students, professionals and etc.

At John Peters New York, though, that is exactly what we mean by backpack innovation, and we work hard to make it happen. 

In 2016, we’ve released two new designs, and not yet five months into the year, I’ve already started to see copies coming out. That’s because John Peters New York is truly at the edge of backpack innovation. The new designs are especially great for students, but anyone will find them useful.

What makes them special? The John Peters New York 7005 model is a two-toned pack with a colored body and a dark grey front pouch, giving the backpack a different kind of look. But the features it adds are even better — the square grey front pouch is large enough for all smaller items and organized into small pouches for easy access. An extra pouch underneath for pens, cameras, or anything else makes organization even easier. Buckled straps at the bottom can be adjusted to hold a sleeping bag for camping trips, an extra jacket, you name it.

The John Peters New York 7005 backpack has two main compartments for extra interior space. Because of the extra space, it’s especially great for the modern student — no longer just at school, but with extracurriculars activities and clubs to boot.

You can order the 7005 or any other John Peters New York backpack on the website at! 

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IMG_1029 7005-RED