Builford Classic waxed canvas backpack

waxed canvas backpack builford waxed canvas backpack


It’s Monday, which is, around the world, one of the most hated days of the week. Most of us would much rather still be free, out exploring, or meeting friends, or just resting at home. But as we all know (unfortunately), the weekend can’t last forever.

But just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you have to tuck away your Builford waxed canvas backpack for the next hiking adventure. It works just as well to carry your work things, with a protected pocket for your laptop and papers, and the straps are very comfortable to carry around from meeting to meeting!

This is me, with my Builford Classic Backpack, on the move. I have a lot to do and work best in coffee shops, so I’ve brought my laptop and lots of notebooks with me. You can see in the pictures below, there is more than enough interior space. In fact, I’d have to work pretty hard and leave on a weekend trip (or longer!) to completely fill this great waxed canvas backpack.

With a coffee on one side and my backpack on the other side, I feel more or less prepared to deal with Monday. After all — it’s only four days until Friday!

waxed canvas backpack
builford waxed canvas backpack

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