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waxed canvas backpack Builford waxed canvas backpack.

The worst of summer’s heat is over, thank goodness. You can no longer fry eggs on the sidewalk (oh, you didn’t try? Put it on your to-do list for next year!) and the weather is changing to those impeccable fall days.

Can you tell I adore fall? Maybe you’re thinking, that’s all well and good, but what good is nice weather when you are stuck inside in class? And what’s the use in a beautiful season when all you have is studying? It’s the perfect companion for students of all ages.

“Fall” and “vintage” go together spectacularly well, and so Builford’s luxury vintage style is the quintessential fall accessory (that will also last you all the way through winter, spring, and summer, for many years to come!). It’s a school backpack, a daily backpack, an exploring backpack, a camping backpack, and anything else you want to use it for.

When you have no motivation in class, glance down at your Builford school backpack and dream of campfires and hiking in the changing leaves. When class is over, shoulder your backpack and take your homework outside for the last of the sun.

Builford school backpacks are more than equipped to handle your best, or your worst. They are carefully designed with a number of useful nooks and crannies, including pen holders and padded laptop compartments. The waxed canvas is durable and waterproof, not to mention fashionable. The material is smooth and matches beautifully with the oiled leather and brass finishings.

Builford school backpacks are high-class, classy, and high-quality items, and could be exactly what you need to get yourself back into the zone in your studies. With an item that cool on your shoulders, you might not feel deprived of fall anymore, but find it invigorating and exciting, and the joy of learning will come back.

Exaggeration? Well, not for me, but in case you aren’t convinced yet, how about this: if you have to be stuck in inside, you may as well have an awesome school backpack to make you happy.

Make sure you check out our website here for all of the models available. You can learn more about the prestigious history of the brand’s materials and shop for your very own school backpack – we ship internationally! See you there!


Cafés are my workplace, my classroom, my meeting place...and my Builford backpack always comes with.
Cafés are my workplace, my classroom, my meeting place…and my Builford backpack always comes with.
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Builford laptop backpack
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Builford school backpack

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