John Peters College Backpacks for Women

There is nothing more beautiful than an intelligent woman. Yes, you did just hear me right. It’s true that the media talks a lot about the beauty of your face or your body, and in high school and college, it’s hard not to feel the pressure to conform. Those inner voices that tell you that you aren’t pretty enough, aren’t skinny enough, etc, are LOUD.

But the thing is, those things are not the most important things. You want to be respected, and an intelligent woman commands respect. And you probably already know that – that’s why you’re in college!

Everyone needs tools to help them along the way to greatness, of course, and in college, one thing you’re definitely going to need is a backpack! There aren’t so many brands that are great college backpacks for women. They are either too feminine, too young, or too bland.

John Peters New York college backpacks for women have the ideal balance of seriousness and style, and are built for success. They don’t have ostentatious styling or colors, but also feature a cool urban design that will go with whatever your personal fashion style is!

These college backpacks for women are big enough for the most serious student, and the padded shoulder straps and padded back panel will help protect your back and shoulders even when carrying lots of heavy textbooks. They feature a number of pockets and interior organization to keep your life in order, which is exactly the kind of tool you need on the path to success!

Remember: it’s okay to be yourself, to be smart, and to be confident! John Peters New York college backpacks for women reinforce all of these things. Stylish and urban, utilitarian and well-designed, shoulder one of our excellent models will encourage you to keep going and keep trying. Sometimes it might seem like the world is against you, but with a John Peters New York backpack, you’ll at least feel equipped to deal with it.

The first step to being respected is respecting yourself. A serious backpack for a serious student is a great way to begin. College backpacks for women should reflect the intelligent and confident woman wearing it, and John Peters New York definitely does that.

Head on over to our website at to see all of the styles and colors available, as well as specifications for each model. You can also shop online and get your new college backpack shipped internationally to you.

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