Builford Sophisticated Student Backpacks

Student backpacks aren’t necessarily known for their style. They’re meant to be practical and usually that involves sacrificing the fashion of it. Alternatively, if they focus on fashion, they’re just not very practical.

At Builford, we don’t think you should have to choose. We understand that high school and college is a time when you are discovering yourself and learning your own expression, and you should be free to do that. That’s why we make sure that Builford backpacks are just as stylish as they are practical. 

With the naturally vintage feel of the waxed canvas we use to build our bags, paired with excellently balanced leather and brass finishing details, Builford bags are purely class. They can be paired with casual or more formal dress as well. When you hoist up your backpack, you’ll already feel more grown up. When I was in high school, I loved those moments of feeling a little older and more sophisticated.

Builford offers a wide variety of models, giving you the freedom to choose the bag that says “you,” a physical nod to your tastes and styles. The waxed canvas comes in a variety of subtle colors that nonetheless each stand out in their own way. Try a soft olive for a more vibrant color, or a charcoal grey for a lighter feel.

Of course, on the inside, a Builford student backpack isn’t just empty and shapeless. With superior organization, laptop compartments, homework sleeves, and extra pockets (including pen loops!), you don’t have to worry about carrying the important stuff for your studies. 

When you carry a Builford student backpack, you’ll feel special and sophisticated, which you are! You can order yours online today at www.builford.com!

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