Builford: Student Backpacks Above the Grade

Let’s take a poll: what do you think makes a good school backpack? 

There are a few things that are obvious, like ample space and durability. If you’re a college student, a laptop compartment is a must as well. Extra compartments for homework to not get crumpled are a plus, as well as various extra pockets to stash small items like highlighters and pens where you’ll actually find them again. Finally, since you’ll be carrying it around everyday filled with heavy books, it has to be comfortable.

Builford backpacks incorporate all of these qualities and more. Inspired by outdoors and trekking backpack designs, they are all large-sized and can be packed tightly with a lot more stuff than you might think would fit (believe me, I’ve tested this theory).

Built from strong, durable waxed canvas, Builford backpacks are more durable than the average canvas or nylon backpack. Waxed canvas is weatherproof and has a long and storied history with industrial workers. Builford designers re-imagined the rugged fabric into a smoother, slimmer version that has a natural vintage feeling. Still, our student backpacks are built to last well-beyond the school year, until the next, the next after that, and up until and past graduation.

Builford backpacks also come equipped with standard fifteen inch padded laptop compartments, as well as a protected inner sleeve next to the laptop compartment, which can keep papers and homework from crumpling. Depending on the model, there is at least one and up to four front and side pockets. In all models, in one of those pockets you’ll find a couple of pen loops. For someone who is always looking for a pen and never finding it, those pen loops have been a quiet life-saver. I don’t need to buy new pens every month now.

Finally, because they are modeled from outdoors exploring backpacks, Builford designers are conscious of the pack’s load bearing capabilities. Our best student backpacks are equipped with padded, adjustable shoulder straps and reinforced, padded back panels. This allows the packs to keep their shape, last longer, and of course, be kinder to your body.

Builford backpacks pass the “good student backpack” test with flying colors, but get extra credit because they are just simply well-built backpacks. All the fastenings and zippers are brass. Frequently-used pockets close with magnetic locks. Canvas straps and premium leather accents complete the picture. The company prides itself on craftsmanship and it is obvious in each backpack.

Student backpacks from Builford get an A+ for design, practicality, and durability, with an extra point or two for pure fashion and beauty. I’d have a hard time picking the best, but my favorite is the Explorer Rucksack (I write about it here.) Check out the website at www.builford.com to get yours!

waxed canvas backpack
Builford waxed canvas backpack.
Waxed canvas backpack
Waxed canvas backpack

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