Builford: Top of College Backpack Brands

College backpack brands are not hard to come by, but truly unique backpack brands are. Builford is one of those unique brands and for those interested in fashionable, functional school backpacks, it’s definitely one to put on your map.

Builford is a Korean bag and college backpack brand. All of the bags, including backpacks, rucksacks, travel bags, messenger bags, and more, are made of Martexin original waxed canvas and premium cowhide leather. The quality and design are superb, falling into the enormously popular luxury vintage style. With all of the exoticness of Asia and the fashion sense of Seoul, it is truly one of the most interesting college backpack brands in the market.

You might be wondering, why choose a fashion brand for a school backpack?

Builford isn’t just a fashion brand. Every single bag, from daily totes to outdoor explorer bags, is not only beautiful, but durable and functional. The waxed canvas is waterproof and re-waxable for maximum long-term use,            and the leather has been specially treated to ensure it remains flexible and healthy. Builford backpacks are guaranteed for life, which is not something you can say for all college backpack brands!

College is the time of your life when you get your spread your wings and build the person you want to become for the rest of your life. It’s a time bursting with opportunities and time to express yourself. Part of that is finding your fashion style and wearing it loud and proud. The waxed canvas and leather of Builford bags is great with both casual and formal wear, so wherever you go – class, out on the town, etc – you can bring it with you.

Many college backpack brands are ordinary and plain. But you deserve better! Treat yourself. Go for something fashionable! You won’t regret it, because you’ll find that Builford backpacks are impeccably designed for daily use. Most backpacks have padded laptop compartments and side zipper with easy access to the interior – particularly useful, for example, for slipping a notebook in and out without opening the main compartment.

All of the designs have convenient extra pockets on the front or side for storing frequently used items like phones, headphones, wallets, etc. They even have pen holders for keeping your pens in order, and the more you use the backpack, you’ll find various handy pockets for stashing everything in its own place.

So it’s a school backpack that looks like a fashion item, but functions like the best college backpack brands out there. Honestly, what is there not to like?

Check out our website here to check out the available designs and order yours today!

Cafés are my workplace, my classroom, my meeting place...and my Builford backpack always comes with.
Cafés are my workplace, my classroom, my meeting place…and my Builford backpack always comes with.

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Builford waxed canvas bag roll top scout backpack- Dark Oak Grid

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