College Backpack Brands: John Peters

While we’re on the topic of college backpack brands, I’ve got another one that you should probably know about. While very different from the luxury vintage style of Builford, John Peters New York is worth investing in as well.

John Peters New York is imagined by John Peters himself, a pioneer in the backpacking industry. Mr. Peters was the first designer to use cordura nylon to fashion the backpack, as well as use plastic zippers and closures (as opposed to metal). Back in the 1980s when he made his first backpacks, inspired by his love of hiking and adventuring, no one else was creating similar college backpack brands.

These days, John Peters is the urban equivalent of Mr. Peters’ original brand “Peter Mountain Works.” Mr. Peters sold his enormously popular “Manhattan Portage” brand to a third party in order to focus entirely on the John Peters New York brand.

What can you expect from John Peters among the many college backpack brands?

John Peters backpacks are squarely utilitarian, with their entire focus on usability and function. The design is urban, modern, and sleek, the perfect companion for the modern student. Students from high school to university and beyond can appreciate them, male or female.

With Cordura Plus Nylon(tm) and top-quality plastic buckles and zippers, John Peters student backpacks are lightweight, incredibly durable, and water resistant. You’ll need that for those soggy autumn and winter days, walking from class to class! The fabric won’t tear or wear easily, and you won’t have broken zippers or frayed shoulder straps.

Student backpacks are ever more popular these days and it might seem daunting to make sure you know your college backpack brands inside and out to make the right decision. But the sheer universality of John Peters New York will make your decision easy. High school, college, university, graduate school, or wherever you might be in your academic career, what you need is a solid, reliable backpack to keep your most important things safe, and solid and reliable are exactly what John Peters is all about.

Besides, wherever you live in the world, when you shoulder a John Peters New York backpack, you carry a bit of New York with you – all John Peters student backpacks are manufactured 100% in the US. With the go get it attitude of the Big Apple surrounding your backpack, it’s hard not to be motivated!

College backpack brands are as numerous as the stars. But like those brighter stars that light up the sky, John Peters is one of the top brands out there.

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