Builford Waxwear Jackets for Spring

Builford is most well-known for its fashion bags and backpacks, beautiful luxury vintage style bags great for men and women of all ages and professions. But they’ve applied their waxed canvas wizardry beyond just the bags and created a waxed canvas jacket, probably the most perfect fall or spring jacket out there.

Waxed canvas is a tough but lightweight fabric, which makes it great for those in between seasons when you still need a jacket, but not a heavy one. It’s also naturally waterproof, which is great for those surprising, sweeping spring showers that can easily catch you unawares.

Waxed canvas might seem an odd fabric to use for a jacket, but if you are worried about it being stiff or uncomfortable, let me reassure you — Builford uses only Martexin original waxed canvas, which has been developed and perfected over the course of nearly a hundred years. As such, it is smooth and flexible and of course super comfortable to wear!

Builford waxed canvas jackets have the same vintage inspiration as its bags, with an outdoorsy, bomber-jacket style feel to them. They are casual and light, with lots of pockets. Women’s jackets come with a more tailored shape and a belt for a more defined shape.

For those cool nights and rainy days, breezy sunny days; for hiking and exploring; for a kickass jacket on an important day — Builford waxed canvas jackets. 

Order yours online today at www.builford.com!

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