Why You Should Choose a JPNY School Backpack

The right school backpack: durable and practical, fashionable, or easy to use? Which of these qualities is the most important for you?

If you choose a JPNY school backpack, you don’t have to choose any. All of the backpacks feature all of these qualities! JPNY backpacks sport a down-to-earth, urban style, with a focus on function. 

A School Backpack Meant for Students

Looking at some of the student backpacks on the market, I do wonder sometimes if the designers actually had students in mind. Some designs seem so heavily focused on style or target audience one wonders if they’ve bothered to think of the student side of the equation.

Upon a first look, JPNY backpacks manage to convey a sense of incredible competence. One might think, at that point, that the style is nothing special. But the more you use a JPNY school backpack, the more you realize that it is special.

Actually, JPNY’s designs are original, in a few senses of the word. They are original in the sense that they came first. The designer, John Peters, was making school backpacks before school backpacks were a thing.

They’re also original in the sense that there’s something just a little different about them. While the other manufacturers have copied a similar model, JPNY stays ahead. Whether it’s the shape of the pack, the placement of pockets, or just subtle differences in styling, it makes a difference. Indeed, the more I use JPNY backpacks, the more unique I find them. 

The most important reason to choose a JPNY school backpack is its durability. JPNY comes from a city notoriously hard to “make it,” but full of dreams if you do. If a backpack can survive in NYC, it can survive anywhere, right? That’s the theory, and it works! JPNY backpacks are high quality, and will last through school and beyond.

Find out more at www.johnpetersnewyork.com!