College Student Backpacks: John Peters New York

Sometimes, dragged in the middle of dreary February when you can’t even dream out the window to get you through class, it’s hard to find the line between having it together and just pretending like you have it together. Sometimes, the best you can do is just pretend until the sun comes back out and you can face the world again.

During these kind of times, the best way to pretend you have everything together is by literally keeping your things together. Is that too confusing? Let’s think simply: one of the best things you can do for yourself is get a great backpack, like a John Peters New York college student backpack. 

Why is a backpack important? Simply put: it keeps your things where you need them, and where you can find them again. John Peters New York backpacks are especially well organized, so there’s a place for everything, plus a few treats to get you through the day.

John Peters New York college student backpacks are large, but compact, so you can carry the world without feeling like you need to become Atlas. They’re durable and made of tough Cordura Plus Nylon but also lightweight and water resistant, so an unexpected February shower or snowfall won’t be the end of the world (or the end of your homework inside).

Have courage — March isn’t so terribly far away. Head on over to the John Peters New York website at and find a backpack that can help you shoulder February — if only just by handling your things. 

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