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You may have noticed this blog has been a little less active these past few weeks. That’s because there are some new, exciting things going on at Builford, John Peters New York, and Vogatha, and so we’ve migrated most operations to a new blog!

Make sure you bookmark, which is now where you can find all the most updated styles, models, and news from these three brands. Whether its new products, useful tips, model reviews, or more, we promise to keep providing you with great content about your favorite bags.

On this blog, we’ll just provide a weekly roundup of the hottest news!

Here’s just a few hints of what we’re doing these days:

1. Builford is opening many new stores in Seoul this month, expanding hugely from our flagship in Gangnam, Seoul. International customers, of course, can always purchase on our website!

2. John Peters New York released several new designs at the beginning of the year, and we’re sure that our designer, Mr. John Peters himself, is busy cooking up a few more. We’re also focusing on getting ready for the back to school rush sure to hit here in the next few weeks.

3. Vogatha is full of incredibly exciting news, as this month we’ve launched a new line of products that use our all-new leather-free leather. It’s an incredible initiative to slowly weed out animal products in fashion and encourage sustainable practice. Of all of the news, I think I’m most excited about this.

Don’t miss all the news! Make sure you bookmark and visit often — we write almost daily!

In the meantime, we’re getting into the dog days of summer and everything is melting from the heat. We suggest grabbing your favorite bag — a rucksack from Builford, a sturdy backpack from John Peters New York, or a large tote from Vogatha — and getting off to the beach post haste.

Happy reading!

Vogatha on the beach
Builford waxed canvas
John Peters New York school backpacks