John Peters New York: Backpacks for Serious Students

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Media -especially American media – tends to portray serious students as the nerdy, introverted type. It tends to romanticize the partyers or the less serious students as more fun, more popular, etc. But of course real life is not what it looks like on the television, and I have known serious students of all kinds.

Whatever they look like, these students are the Ravenclaws of the world, the ones who just love the thrill of learning, of discovering, of finding not the right answer, but the best answer. There’s nothing nerdy about that!

John Peters New York have great backpacks for Ravenclaws. They are built to be worn, carried, used, and packed to the brim with all those wonderful books (textbooks and some for fun — don’t laugh, there are always too many books and too little time). The tough Cordura plus nylon is industrial strength and usually used for exploring packs. You won’t have to worry about a JPNY backpack ripping on you!

All the zippers and closures on John Peters New York backpacks are equally high quality. There is nothing more annoying than your zipper breaking. The material is also water-resistant, which means the most valuable part of the backpack — what’s inside — stays safe.

John Peters New York student backpacks are more than just what they are made of, though, much like the brilliant minds that carry them. The interior organization is superior and there are multiple models and styles, allowing you to choose the best version for your study style. The newly released 7010 offer three different front compartments and a strong frame for those who like to really pack it in, while the 1030 Big Apple has two separate main compartments for maximum organization. (And it even comes in Ravenclaw blue!)

The best part is that John Peters New York all have padded straps and reinforced back panels, which will save your back as you carry all those books!

Don’t hide your brains, use them and love them! To find the perfect backpack for your courseload, check out 

John Peters New York new designs!
John Peters New York new designs!