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For some people, December is the best time of year, but for students, it’s probably the worst. December means end of the semester, which means final exams. It’s the time of sleepless nights and cramming sessions. When I was in college, people used to camp in the library.

If you’re going to camp in the library — and even if you aren’t — you’re going to need a lot of stuff with you, and a strong backpack to carry all of your books for review, plus what you need to survive that all-night cramming session.

I’m sure the last thing students want to think about right now is a backpack, but once finals are over, if that old thing hasn’t survived the stress with you — time to think about a new one. So let me go on record saying that John Peters New York makes some great college backpacks. I like them because they’re nice and roomy, super practical, and strong.

Almost all John Peters New York college backpacks have laptop compartments and padded back panels, which makes them nice enough to carry around. They’ve got a nice shape and come in some lovely colors, which is an added bonus.

The John Peters New York flap top style backpack is my favorite, though there are many others. The range is wide enough that both men and women will find something that suits them.

Honestly, your college backpack should be the last thing you worry about, so make sure you have one that covers all your bases. To get your own John Peters New York college backpack, visit


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The blog author with her John Peters New York bag.