John Peters New York Flap Backpack: Great School Bags

When you’ve seen one school bag, you’ve seen them all, right? What’s one backpack to another, really? With the saturation of brands on the market, it’s easy to see why people might think this. A backpack is a backpack is a backpack, and you stick your books in, and boom! School bag. That’s all you need, isn’t it?

Not really. There are differences between the brands, and there are things you should consider before you buy. You could end up with a bag that’s falling apart in three weeks, which would be frustrating, or with a bag you don’t like, that’s too small, too big, etc. Unnecessary distractions for busy student lives, right?

The John Peters New York Flap Backpack is one of the few school bags out there that’s quite unique as well as being top quality. The top flap design is a variant to the usual zipper, which gives the backpack a cool style. It was inspired by outdoors backpacks, the designer, John Peters, being an avid outdoorsmen. It’s been reworked these days into the perfect school bags.

You might have seen other bags with similar designs. Chances are, they were copied from John Peters’ original designs! John Peters created a number of models in the 1980s that these days are imitated all over the world. But the originals are always the best, and these are no exception.

The Flap Backpack, like all John Peters New York backpacks, is made of Cordura Plus Nylon(r), which is durable and water resistant. The top flap securely closes with plastic buckles and the lower front pocket is the perfect size for pens, pencils, and a phone. The main compartment also closes with a drawstring and there is a protected pocket inside for laptops and important papers.

The bag comes in a variety of colors to suit your particular style. These school bags, like all John Peters’ bags, are not flashy, but squarely and honestly practical, which is really what you need for a good school bag. My personal favorite is the blue color, because it’s a lovely color to go with a really solid backpack.

John Peters New York backpacks are designed to be durable and all of the closures, from the zippers to the buckles to the shoulder straps, are chosen deliberately to be lightweight and practical.

With the extra flap and storage space, in addition to the unique design, the Flap Backpack is user-friendly, long-lasting, and stylish. It’s no wonder that it’s our bestselling model, and if you need great school bags, you’ll soon see why!