Waxed Canvas Coats for Autumn

Beautiful, perfect fall waxed canvas coats!

In the cool but not yet cold fall days, it’s sometimes hard to find the right clothing. Light jackets are the best, but it’s hard to find some that aren’t windbreakers or outdoor style coats. The style for those isn’t exactly suited for daily use – being warm is more important that being fashionable, sure, but who says you can’t be both?

The best material for light fall jackets is waxed canvas. It’s not too heavy but keep heat in, and it has a natural waterproofing built in. In addition to a full line of student backpacks, outdoors backpacks, and daily fashion bags, Builford also offers some great waxed canvas coats.

As with all Builford products, our waxed canvas coats are a mix of vintage and luxury styles, with a nod to tradition and history. The design is inspired by outdoors, hunting style coats, as they were originally used for when Martexin Original Wax Canvas was invented, almost a hundred years ago. These days, Builford has been working with Martexin to develop waxed canvas that is softer and more flexible than its original tougher version, and have come up with the perfect material for light, fashionable waxed canvas coats.

While the jackets come in both masculine and feminine styles, they have the kind of ambiguous, almost-military style designs that everyone can appreciate and everyone can rock. The coats can be paired with jeans, or dressed up for an evening out for a truly unforgettable look. Whoever you are, wherever you live, Builford’s jackets will fit right into your wardrobe like they’ve been there all along.

Not out of place in the city, our waxed canvas coats will also be right at home on fall hiking and camping trips. Pair it with a scarf and you have all you need, especially in front of a roaring campfire. The vintage waxed canvas will fit right in with the special kind of nostalgia that only autumn can bring.

All Builford products are made and crafted with great care and attention to detail, and our jackets are no different. The make and quality of each jacket is extraordinary, down to the pockets and snaps. The waxed canvas texture isn’t itchy or sticky against the skin. The material is not too heavy, but enough to keep you feeling nice and cozy inside as the weather gets colder.

The right jacket for fall is hard to find, until you’ve discovered Builford waxed canvas coats. Like Goldilocks and the baby bear, it’s not too hot or too cold, not too heavy or too light, but just right.