JPNY BEST: Flap Laptop Backpack


John Peters New York’s most consistently top-selling laptop backpack is the 1250 Flap Backpack. There’s a reason for it — it has a unique, urban style and shape, but backs it up with some serious specs.

JPNY Flap Backpack: THE Student Laptop Backpack

The Flap Backpack is certainly a laptop backpack, with a protected sleeve in the main compartment. But with a drawstring closure on the top, it provides more interior space than a normal backpack. The top flap, which is as big or more than a normal front pocket, adds additional space.

But that’s not even all. A small front pouch can hold your small valuables and frequently-used items, like pens and subway cards.

The Flap Backpack has a great style that’s different from the every day student backpacks. Thank goodness it doesn’t sacrifice practicality to get that way! Students love the extra flap and the shape of the bag. It definitely stands out from the pack, if you’ll forgive the pun.

Different Strokes for Different Folks: Medium and Large Sized Laptop Backpacks

One advantage to this great student laptop backpack is that it also comes in two different sizes. Many students prefer the larger version for their busy schedules, but there is also a slightly smaller version. It’s great for petites, high school students, and more.

I bet you didn’t usually think of backpacks having sizes! But once you find the backpack that’s actually a good fit for you, you’ll never go back. 

The Flap Laptop Backpack is one of many great student backpacks available at John Peters New York. The brand is highly rated for its quality and durability. To find out more and order your own backpack today, visit

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