Women’s Shoulder Bags at Vogatha

Over the summer, Vogatha had some exciting new products come out. The brand decided to make a deeper commitment to eco-friendly products and a sustainable world. That’s something that we need more than ever in the world right now.

Women’s shoulder bags can sometimes be pretty tough on the environment, with heavy emphasis on leather and unsustainable practices. But Vogatha has set the new standard, and I couldn’t be prouder to stand with them. The All Around 3 Way Bag, released this summer, and all new Vogatha shoulder bags, all use the brand’s newly developed synthetic material.

Beautiful Non-Leather Shoulder Bags

The synthetic material of the new bags is smooth and flexible. It’s also waterproof, which is pretty unusual for women’s fashion bags!

The All Around 3 Way Bag is particularly awesome because it’s malleable. That means that you can change its shape. It can morph from a standard square shoulder bag to a small round hand purse in thirty seconds! You have to see it to believe it, but it’s completely true.

Women’s shoulder bags almost never have the same kind of flexibility as the All Around 3 Way Bag. What you see is pretty much what you get. And the best part is, we didn’t even have to sacrifice our fashion sense!

Vogatha has a great history of beautiful bags with nice clean lines. The 3 Way Bag is no exception. It comes in a variety of colors, from classic navy to sophisticated grey, to bright red. There’s something for all personality types and styles! 

But at the end of the day, I just really appreciate having a bag that makes my conscience happy. The positive upgrades of the leather-free material are more than worth it. Every small choice makes a difference — so make a difference today and choose Vogatha shoulder bags! You can find yours at www.vogatha.com!