JPNY Reveals Big Apple Special Edition Backpack

vukan model jpny big apple special edition backpack

Everyone’s favorite JPNY backpack gets a makeover with this special edition backpack! 

Since JPNY released its original heritage collection the Big Apple Backpack has consistently been a top seller. This heavy-duty Cordura Plus backpack is still a a favorite for students especially.

That’s why this year, we decided to release a special edition backpack of this beloved pack. It has all the same features that fans loved in the original, but with a makeover!

From the 1030 to the 1030C

The biggest difference between the original Big Apple and the special edition is the material. Like most of JPNY’s backpacks (except for the new releases this year), the Big Apple uses 1000 Denier Cordura Plus.

This new 1030C uses a brand-new blend of ballistic nylon and carbon leather. Ballistic nylon gets its name as supposedly this material can withstand a ballistic missile! Whether or not that’s true, it is some of the world’s strongest fabric.

Carbon leather has the same high quality finish and appearance of leather without the animals, which is definitely better for the environment! Even carnivores won’t have anything to complain.

While the Cordura Plus has a rougher appearance, the carbon leather is smooth and sleek. The Big Apple looks all dressed up with this new material!  

In terms of design, the 1030C is almost exactly the same as the original. The side pockets do have a slightly different shape and include a zipper. But other than that, it has the same overall shape, pockets, and compartments.

While the original backpack is available in different colors, this special edition backpack only comes in the sleek and sophisticated black. The back paneling has a few ergonomic updates to make it even easier to carry as well.

Do you love the JPNY Big Apple? You’ll go crazy for this special edition, available now at!