School Bags for High School Girls

From what I can tell, in high schools, girls are either trying to be noticed, trying not to be noticed, or don’t care about being noticed and are just trying to survive. I can say this because at some point in my life (not so very long and a few lifetimes ago), I was one, and spent time doing all three of the above things.

We didn’t have a dress code at my school, but dress code or otherwise, your accessories are equally as important as your outfit, and an integral part of that is your backpack. Your backpack style could help or hurt any of the above objectives, and trust me when I say, I know how much time you spend thinking about what your classmates think, because I did too!

Finding school bags for high school girls is not exactly hard, but they remain mostly in one of the categories – colorful and bright or simple and plain. Some are more or less durable, and some, no matter how pretty, will only last one year. And what if you have a fancy printed backpack, but next year, you’d rather nobody looks at you? Another new backpack.

As it turns out, John Peters New York’s school bags for high school girls can fit all of the above categories, pretty much all at once, which is actually quite astonishing. Let’s say you’re in the first category and would like to be noticed. These backpacks don’t have Elsa’s face from Frozen plastered all over them (thankfully), but the sheer class and unique design will fit in with any perfect outfit and you’ll never have to get a different backpack just to go with a new outfit; your John Peters’ backpack will go with it. You can get one of the lovely colors, like purple or red, for a more feminine touch. Believe me: it is all very well and good to be noticed, but you want to be noticed for the right reasons. Having an awesome backpack is a good place to start.

But if you are trying not to stand out, John Peters’ is still everything you need: class, functionality, simplicity, superb design. As mentioned, it doesn’t have designs or colors exploding all over the place. It is exactly what you need it to be, at any given moment. There aren’t many school bags for high school girls, or school bags in general, that can claim such a thing.

And if you are just trying to make it through, get good grades, and get into a good university, well – I hate to repeat myself, but John Peters is still your best shot. You can pack it full of books without it tearing or breaking, you can carry your laptop or tablet for extra studying after school. In a time of life when you have more than enough to worry about and think about, you really don’t need to add your backpack to the list.

No matter who you are or who you want to be – which, in high school, pretty much changes by the day – John Peters is still the best backpack for you!

Keep calm and carry (John Peters) on!

John Peters high school girls backpack

john peters high school girl backpack 2

john peters high school girl bag