Sistar Soyou’s backpack style

You can’t feature the group Sistar’s style without Sistar Soyou, the fourth and final member of the Starship Entertainment girl group. Born Kang Ji-hyun on Jeju Island in South Korea, Sistar Soyou is a charming and impulsive Aquarius.

Like bandmate Hyorin, Sistar Soyou was not originally part of Starship Entertainment, training under Cube Entertainment to join the group 4Minute. But instead she decided to audition for Starship Entertainment and debuted with Sistar at their debut in June 2010.

As with the rest of her group, Sistar Soyou is very active in collaborations and extra work. Sistar most often works with Mad Clown and K.Will, and Sistar Soyou has released collaborations with many other artists.

You’ve now seen the whole Sistar group – Bora, Hyorin, Dasom, and now Soyou – with their fabulous John Peters New York bags. Soyou has gone a more traditional route with this simple navy blue backpack. Like all John Peters New York backpacks, it’s perfect for school or just daily work.

John Peters New York backpacks come in a range of sizes and styles, for the heavy-duty student to the small, light backpacks like this one Sistar Soyou has. There are also many different colors, from traditional black and navy blue to bright pink, purple, red, and etc. To check out the full catalog, you can go to!

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