Spring Fashion: Builford Luxury Vintage Bags

It’s hard to resist luxury vintage, a new style trend just starting to hit the market. It’s where high end fashion comes together with the irresistible uniqueness of vintage style. Does it sound like an odd mix?

It’s true, it’s not easy to picture this if you haven’t heard of it before. The two things seem too opposed. But when you see a Builford bag, you’ll understand exactly what we mean — and far from clashing, the two elements reinforce and compliment each other beautifully.

Heritage-material, modern style

One of the top reasons Builford bags seem to belong in a vintage category is the material used to build them — original Martexin waxed canvas, a heritage style material used primarily in industrial laborers in the 1930s. However, it’s been re-imagined and developed to produce one of the smoothest and softest waxed canvases on the market. Builford then pairs this old-style textile with treated leather and brass finishings and zippers. The metal, leather, and waxed canvas blends together in a perfect vintage picture.

However, these elements are built in a way that is thoroughly in line with high end fashion, with only the highest quality leather used and careful, craftsmen attention to the seams, linings, and other finishing details.

A Builford bag is in many ways a work of art. Each model is carefully designed and prepared for both beauty and practicality. They belong in the spotlight of fashion bags, but with a sepia tone. Shoulder a Builford bag, and it’s like carrying the past and future with you — and there’s no better way to enjoy the present!

Get your Builford luxury vintage bag or backpack today by visiting the website at www.builford.com! 

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