Spring into March with a John Peters New York Backpack

I’ve been waiting to write that headline for awhile now. Yes, finally February is over and it is March, and Spring is more than just a whisper. It’s not here yet but the promise is, and that’s more than occasion to celebrate. Here at John Peters New York, we’re celebrating with three bags you’ll need for the warmer days. 

1. John Peters New York Bike Messenger BagsThat’s right, it’s not so long from now you’ll be able to dig out the bike and go riding. JPNY messenger bags come in a range of sizes and styles. The 1606 Medium Messenger Bag is a great size for an afternoon ride, with more than enough space for a book to sit in the sunlight and read.

2. John Peters New York Europa BagEspecially great for women, these small messenger style bags are great for day out in the city. How about discovering somewhere in your city you’ve never seen before? Bring a camera and a book and rediscover the beauty of the world already around you!

3. The All-New 7010 for Exploring: As soon as it gets warmer, get out of town and go hiking! Get up into the mountains, or into nature, and take a deep breath of the world as it renews itself once again! Take this all-new, original John Peters New York design with you. With reinforced shoulder straps and back panel, it’s a great pack for some serious exploring. While you’re at it, get out of the country and get backpacking!

There’s a lot to look forward to, so get on over to www.johnpetersnewyork.com and start dreaming of Spring!


John Peters New York new designs!
John Peters New York new designs!

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