Why You Need A John Peters New York Student Backpack

All student backpacks are not created equal, though it might seem that way. When I say “student backpack”, you probably think of the nearby Target or something with a generic bag, maybe a Jansport or something similar. And while these may serve a basic purpose, there’s something special about John Peters New York student backpacks.

One reason is the John Peters New York backpacks are built for students. That might seem obvious, but we didn’t just think, okay let’s have a couple main compartments and then throw on a pocket or two because that’s standard. Actually, designer John Peters has been making backpacks for almost forty years, and a lot of those “standard-issue” backpacks are in fact copies of his original designs! 

When making each model for our collection, our engineers and Mr. Peters work together to think about what’s the most useful additions to the backpack. What do students need? They need space and organization. John Peters New York backpacks all have unique and practical solutions, such as the Flap Top Backpack with its extra storage space in the flap.

What else do students need? They need a little flair. Of course school is the most important part of school, but students are still people, and who doesn’t want a backpack that also fits in with their style? John Peters New York backpacks have unique shapes and an urban kind of style that makes you dream of the Big Apple (Big Apple Backpack anyone?).

John Peters New York backpacks come in a range of styles, sizes, and more importantly, colors, to help you find the one that expresses you. 

And last but certainly not least, the best thing about a John Peters New York student backpack is that it’s not going to break on you — not this semester or next. It will almost certainly last all the way until your student days are over. No broken or sticky zippers, duct tape fixes, fraying seams. Everything is top quality and double stitched.

There’s a lot to love about John Peters New York student backpacks. They truly do stand above the crowd and are leagues ahead of those generic, cheap nylon bags. To order yours today, head to www.johnpetersnewyork.com!

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