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waxed canvas backpack waxed canvas backpack

The further into the semester, the more books you have, the more papers, the more stuff you need to carry around on a daily basis. As those dreaded exams approach, it gets even worse. There’s some days – I know from experience – when you feel like Cinderella, staggering under the weight of all that stuff (and stress!).

It doesn’t have to be that way though. You just need to have a really good, really strong big backpack, and at least you’ll have all your things where you need them, when you need them. It sounds silly, but sometimes just having your things in order makes things feel so much better.

If you’re looking for big backpacks for college, Builford backpacks are a great place to start. Inspired by outdoors backpacks and with models even built for trekking, Builford backpacks have the space you need, with ample interior compartments. But why, you might wonder, would an outdoors backpack-maker also work as big backpacks for college? It’s a totally different style, isn’t it?

Not necessarily, and Builford has a range of models, from the backpacking style packs to simple laptop backpacks. If you need lots of pockets and organization, try the Discovery Rucksack, if just a simple backpack with lots of space is what you’re looking for, go for the Classic Backpack. They are all impeccably designed with easy access outside pockets for electronics and pens, inside laptop compartments, protected pockets for homework, and more than enough space for books.

Additionally, you never need to worry about over packing the backpack so much that it breaks! Builford big backpacks for college are made of super durable waxed canvas, which has the added benefit of being waterproof, keeping your things extra safe and dry. Combined with top quality leather and a company-wide policy of craftsmanship, the bags are built to last. The distribution company, WKS Global, is so convinced of that that Builford bags are guaranteed for life!

I’m not saying that big backpacks for college will solve all your problems, and they certainly can’t take your tests for you. But at the very least, it will give you some peace of mind to have all your things where you need them. You won’t feel so much like you are juggling everything – only the things you really need to focus on, which is your studies!

To check out our big backpacks for college or check out the number of other awesome bags we offer, head on over to ! We ship worldwide!

Happy studying!

waxed canvas backpack
Builford waxed canvas backpack.
waxed canvas backpack
Waxed canvas backpack – Builford Discovery rucksack
waxed canvas bags
Builford waxed canvas bag roll top scout backpack- Dark Oak Grid

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