Rainbow Kim Ji-Sook and her stylish bag!

Today we feature another member of Rainbow, the k-pop girl group under DSP Media. Kim Ji-Sook (also written as Kim Ji-Suk) is an engaging Cancer, born July 18, 1990. Rainbow Kim Ji-Sook is one of the main vocalists of the group, as well as part of the sub group, Rainbow Pixie.

Before joining Rainbow at their debut in 2009, Kim Ji-Sook was part of a rock band. These days she is also an MC and an a reporter for KBS Entertainment Weekly. She’s also quite active on social media and has a twitter and blog (https://twitter.com/Jisook718 and http://blog.naver.com/comingsook).

Although Rainbow Kim Ji-Sook is often mistaken for Tae Yeon of Girls’ Generation, she has a style all her own and the true fieriness of a Cancer. You can see that in the brilliant orange John Peters New York backpack she’s chosen here! Like a rainbow, John Peters backpacks come in a range of colors, but all of them are the same strong, reliable backpacks that is the brand’s signature.

The backpack pictured here with Rainbow Kim Ji-Sook is one of the brand’s awesome big backpacks for college or high school. The backpacks are great for high school girls, though really any student will find what they are looking for on www.johnpetersnewyork.com!



rainbow Kim Ji Sook

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