Blast Into 2018 with a Builford Discovery Rucksack

What mysteries and adventures does 2018 hold? With a Builford Discovery Rucksack you’ll be ready for it all. This all-purpose waxed canvas backpack is up for as many explorations as you are. 

With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s hard to be optimistic about 2018. After all, if it follows 2017, there’s no telling what will happen.

But that may actually be why 2018 could be your best year yet. The worst times can be the best opportunity to create something beautiful. So why not seize the day and create something beautiful?

Adventuring with the Builford Discovery Rucksack

You might choose to travel with the Builford Discovery Rucksack. See the world before it ends and all that. But there are just as many adventures to be had around you.

Sometimes it seems that people immediately look to foreign countries and outside issues, but they forget that there are just as many issues in their backyard. Perhaps we could help just as much in our own areas. 

However you choose to make a difference, the Builford Discovery Rucksack is there to help. Even if it’s just working a good job or going to school! A healthy person makes a healthier world.

With two main compartments and a large front pocket with two smaller pockets for organization, the Builford Discovery Rucksack is heavy duty. It uses high quality waxed canvas and specially treated leather. Each bag comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

There’s not much to be sure about in the world today, and especially not heading into 2018. You might be facing a new semester, preparing yourself with knowledge. You might be preparing for a standoff with four stories tall robots. Nobody knows!

But you can at least feel good about what’s on your back with a Builford Discovery Rucksack. If that seems facetious, it’s not meant to be. After all, feeling ready is half the battle, and showing up is the other. 

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