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One of my favorite things in the world is that one morning in autumn when you wake up and you can smell winter on the air. The weather is only starting to get chilly, but you can just sense the cold coming. Whether or not that’s a welcome feeling for you (I love it, personally), it’s hard to deny the magic of autumn. The fiery colors of the trees is an example of it.

It’s this in between season when it’s the hardest to find the right jackets. It’s not time yet for winter wool and down, but the evenings get sharp. You need something lightweight, but also something that handle abrupt changes in the weather, something waterproof for those drowsy fall rains.

There are few jackets that are more equipped to handle this kind of weather than Builford’s waxed canvas coats. The waxed canvas is precisely the right weight to keep you warm enough but not too hot. The durability and waterproofness of the waxed canvas is perfect for this rugged season.

The designs of Builford waxed canvas coats are inspired by vintage hunting and leather bomber jackets, with both masculine and feminine styles. They are at once cool and casual, but with a definite vintage style. They go beyond many existing waxed canvas coats in that they are more than an “outdoors” jacket, more than a field jacket – they are also a fashion statement.

You may worry that the waxed canvas material might feel sticky or uncomfortable on your skin, but the Martexin Original Wax canvas formula, which has been used and perfected for the past hundred years, offers a smooth texture that won’t irritate or rub off on your skin.

Waxed canvas coats are primarily known for outdoors jackets, hunting or other rugged activities, and while our Builford waxed canvas coats are more than functional in this regard, they won’t be out of place in the city. They’ll work casual, with jeans and a hoodie, for example, or dressed up, with a suit or other business attire.

And most importantly, besides the fashion and the look and feeling awesome when you wear them, Builford waxed canvas coats are the perfect companion for those jaw-droppingly beautiful autumn days when you can sense winter dancing on the air. Huddle in them during cool, rainy days, roll up the sleeves and bask in them in the sunshine, button up and head to the mountains to marvel at the changing leaves, wear them to meet a friend in the city. Pretty soon, I bet you won’t leave the house without your Builford waxed canvas jacket!

Beautiful, perfect fall waxed canvas coats!
Beautiful, perfect fall waxed canvas coats!
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It’s hard not to be happy with a jacket this great!

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