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They say time flies when you’re having fun. It’s the only explanation, clearly, for how quickly summer has passed, despite all those interminably hot hours. It’s hard to believe that the middle of August has already come and gone, and with it, the promise of fall – and, of course, the return to school.

While in high school, letting go of the sweet freedom of summer is always a little bittersweet, but in college I always looked forward to getting back to classes. Long days and lots of homework, but even now there is just something about autumn and school that fit so well together.

With the beginning of the semester either already upon you or not very far on the horizon, it’s time to buy your books, notebooks, and pens. There’s a lot to carry, and the deeper you get into your studies, the more there is, especially if you (like me) pack all your classes into one or two days. Having big backpacks for college is essential these days – just a small backpack won’t cut it anymore.

John Peters New York, being a specialist brand in school bags and backpacks, naturally has the perfect solution and certainly big backpacks for college – even many to choose from. They are designed for students, and as such, they work exceptionally well for students (simple idea, really, but yet many brands are still designing fancy backpacks when students just need, well, a student backpack!).

You can choose from a number of styles, such as the Big Apple and the Manhattan, both of which are very roomy. The Big Apple in particular has two main zipper compartments, which means you can easily organize your things, such as electronics in one compartment and books in the other, or homework in one to keep it clean and books in the other; the possibilities are endless, but the point remains. If you are looking for big backpacks for college, look absolutely no further.

If you’re looking for a more unique style, check out the Dakota, which has the super cool top flap closure, similar to the Top Flap bag. This one not only has the main compartment and a few extra pockets, but also the top flap itself is a pocket, which would be perfect for a pen/eraser bag or other extra supplies.

Having a good backpack is always a confidence booster for those first-day-of-class nerves. With big backpacks for college such as those at John Peters New York, you don’t need to worry about how much stuff you need, if you need to leave anything at home, or if you really can fit everything inside. All you need to worry about is being present in class, which, I’m sorry to say, a backpack can’t do for you!

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