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I’m going to make a bold statement here: John Peters New York has the best line of school bags out there. If not the very best, then pretty darn close.

That is a bold statement considering the multitude of options out there. There are so many brands on the market that I actually can’t think of a single one in particular (besides John Peters, of course…). Really, you say, why won’t just any old brand work? Why can’t I go to Wal-mart or Target or  –insert cheap department store name here – and pick up something? And especially, why look to an international company when Target or wherever is right around the corner?

There are many reasons, most of which I won’t have time to get into in this blog post (but stay tuned), but one great one is that you can do your school bag shopping online! In fact, that means that not only can you do all your shopping directly from your room, even your bed, that you don’t have to settle for next door’s cheap department store version that might last through the end of the semester; but then again, might not.

So now you know that you can do your school bag shopping online at, I need to do some explaining to back up my very bold earlier statement.

The thing is, John Peters backpacks were designed to be school bags. They weren’t designed for a million different possible functions and scenarios (each with its own zipper), which makes for confusing, extraneously extravagant backpacks with too many zippers. No, John Peters’ backpacks are just exactly what you need, nothing more or less. They were made for students, and as such, as a student, you could ask for nothing more.

Additionally, the quality is absolutely top-notch. The brand’s designer, John Peters himself, was a pioneer in backpack material and production technology, and it shows. The material and closures are extraordinary and durable, and they will last you much longer than one semester – probably all the way through university and beyond.

And because it’s all on our website, school bag shopping online has never been easier. The website has detailed information on materials and dimensions, with photographs from all angles so you know exactly what you’re getting. There are no unpleasant surprises, and what you get is nothing more or less than the best student backpack you have ever had.

Why choose an international company?

Well, why not choose an internationally successful brand led by an internationally successful designer who created the perfect student backpack?

It’s a bold statement, sure. But with the quality and innovation of John Peters New York school bags, it’s not a stretch. And because you can do your school bag shopping online at our website, you’ll be glad you didn’t settle for less! Visit our website here today!

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John Peters school bag shopping online -- the best backpack ever!