Gift Ideas for Students: School Backpacks

With tomorrow the first day of December, I’m thinking two things : finals, and holidays. I said the first and you thought ugh, whether from reality or memory, but the second sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

For some people, the holidays are the best time of the year. But it’s true that December also means shopping time for many people, trying to pick out gifts, which can be very stressful. Do you go for a useful gift? Or the generic, but not very special coffee gift card? What if you pick the wrong thing?

For the students in your life, I’ll give you some advice that might make these choices a little easier. December is a stressful time. By the time the holidays come around, we’ll have barely just survived final exams. This time off is precious, because not so long from now, the second semester starts right back up again, and we’ve got to do it all over again.

Why not make our lives easier with new school backpacks? We always need school backpacks – most of them just wear out over the semester. We just don’t get a new one because we’re saving that money for next week’s groceries.

I’ll give you a hint: John Peters New York school backpacks are much less likely to wear out, as they’re made of tough cordura plus nylon. With that go-get-it Manhattan style, they’re big enough, cool enough, and sophisticated enough for suit everyone’s tastes. Chances are pretty good that my favorite style also comes in my favorite color – from bright and loud to subtle and simple.

Why John Peters New York more than a backpack from the shop down the street? School backpacks from John Peters are made for students, to be used, every day. They’re not the flashy pack with the new blocky design from the boutique, but nor are they the generic, boring old Jansport. They’re in between, something fashionable that’s also meant to be used, to be comfortable, to be packed with millions of textbooks and still be carried.

Maybe you were thinking some like a new scarf, or yes, that old throwback of a Starbucks gift card. But this holiday season, give us students what we really need: school backpacks. And trust me, John Peters New York school backpacks are cool enough to give as a present.

Maybe it’s just me, but that’s what I’m asking Santa for this year!