Leather Free Fashion Bags from Vogatha

Starting a trend of leather free fashion bags for a more sustainable future? We hope so! 

At the start of 2019, humanity has some serious challenges ahead. Actually, political challenges might not even be the most important. Most people are just starting to think now about the devastating reports on the environmental state of the planet.

It’s probably too late already – but let’s take the optimistic view. If everyone starts to live a more eco-friendly life now, we might actually make a difference. 

It’s not just about eating less meat. It’s certainly not about “recycling,” which is not usually actually recycling. Eco-friendly actions ripple across your whole life, including fashion. What you wear, who you buy from – all of these things will make a difference.

Time to Choose Leather Free Fashion Bags

We’re not saying, everyone has to go vegan (though, eating less meat is a good choice). But there’s just no excuse anymore to use animal products all over your fashion.

Especially when you see Vogatha’s leather free fashion bags. Forget the decision if you like, as most any bag can be saved by a good design. Even without the elegant, minimal accents and shape, the material of these leather free fashion bags is extraordinary. 

It’s not imitation leather, which flakes and looks truly trashy after a short time. Instead, this all-new material is soft and smooth to the touch, but stronger and a bit stiffer than leather. It’s easier to clean as well, doesn’t get dry and crack, and, oh yeah, doesn’t use the skin of dead things for beauty.

Really, though – whether or not the animal thing bothers you, Vogatha leather free fashion bags are a worthy investment. For future of our planet, sure – but also the future of your badass wardrobe! 

Want to know more? Browse the online store and purchase your own gorgeous bag at www.vogatha.com!