Waxed Canvas Fashion Bags – Builford Waxed Canvas

Don’t just walk – strut into the new year with these waxed canvas fashion bags! 

Waxed canvas gets a lot of love in backpacks and rucksacks. It also dabbles in messenger bags, haversacks, and the like. A few brands, however, like Builford, are experimenting with more fashion styles. 

With a bag like the May Vintage Tote Bag, for example, every day is a walk on the runway.

Builford Waxed Canvas Fashion Bags

The May Vintage Tote Bag is one of the longest standing best sellers in the Builford collection. Many old designs have cycled out (including one of our favorites, the Annette Cross Body). New ones have come in to take their place, such as this gorgeous two-toned tote as sophisticated as it is lovely.

But through it all, this handbag has stood tall. But it’s not hard to see why. In fact, once you see it, you wonder why there aren’t more waxed canvas fashion bags.

Even though the waxed canvas has a slightly rough quality, it doesn’t make the bag look dirty or anything. It also helps that Builford has pretty much perfected their waxed canvas colors. On the contrary, the waxed canvas and leather blend creates a luxury vintage feel that’s very hard to resist.

That’s the interesting thing about waxed canvas. It can have that irresistible “wild” rugged look. But as Builford proves with its waxed canvas fashion bags, when you dress it up, it’s like warm mahogany or something from the Golden Era of Hollywood.

The May Vintage Tote Bag is a large size handbag. It can fit a standard size notebook, which means students and professionals alike can use it. While technically one would call it a women’s bag, we’ve seen some guys rocking it as well.

You can purchase the May Vintage bag and check out other waxed canvas fashion bags at www.builford.com!