Park Ha Neul in Love Playlist with JPNY Backpack

Park Ha Neul has dazzled viewers in the fourth season of the popular Naver TVcast Love Playlist. As he falls in love with his best friend, we fall in love with him!

This fluffly Naver TV cast show is pure delight. It’s one of the few straightforward love stories on Korean dramas, without the extra drama or supernatural aspects. Don’t get us wrong, we love the plot twists – but sometimes a straight up sweetheart story is what your heart needs.

Here at JPNY we couldn’t help but love that this young celebrity is carrying around a JPNY 7010 backpack! 

Love Playlist is all about students, so obviously they need backpacks. Mr. Park’s character certainly has an authentic look with JPNY. After all, these are top grade, beloved student backpacks. The costume design made an excellent choice in that regard!


Park Ha Neul’s 7010 JPNY Backpack

The 7010 is one of JPNY’s more recent models, and also one of the largest. Still, as you can see in the clip above, it’s not too big. It’s not overwhelming large, which some school backpacks can be! 

That’s because the 7010 has a natural balance. Instead of going out and creating a turtle effect, the weight is spread throughout. It has a deep main compartment with a flap top, which gives you more vertical usable space. It also has three pockets on the outside for smaller items, from top to bottom.

Inside, of course, there’s a laptop compartment. The back panel and shoulder straps have a special ergonomic design and extra padding to ensure that it’s comfortable to carry. And finally, it’s entirely Cordura Plus nylon, which is one of the most durable materials out there.

The 7010 and JPNY backpacks in general are absolutely a great choice for students, and that’s why we love seeing Park Ha Neul wearing it in Love Playlist. Want to copy him and have your own celebrity style? Head on over to and order today!