Trick or Treat!: Halloween with Drilleys Eco Bags

Happy Halloween! It’s the spookiest time of year, and people of all ages can find something to enjoy on this freaktastic day. There are lot of ways to bring Drilleys eco bags into the fun. Here are a few ideas.

For Kids: Drilleys Eco Bags as the Best Trick or Treat Bags Ever

Yes, I know – there are adorable plastic tubs of Jack-o-lanterns and monsters. You can go very fancy, or you can grab any old plastic bag from last week’s grocery shopping.

But let’s face it: there are enough plastic bags flying around the world these days. Instead of another disposable sack, why not give your kids a much stronger, much more eco friendly bag for their candy-carrying duties? 

A plastic bag is very likely to tear when your little ones stuff it as full as they possibly can with candy. And who knows what happens to it after that?

Drilleys eco bags are strong enough to hold much more candy than your kids will ever be able to get in one night. They are strong and sure, with extra strong canvas. They also have big strong carrying straps to heft along their treasure!

For Adults: An All-Purpose Bag for Spooky Exploits

Wherever you find yourself this Halloween, be it a haunted house or a party, or following kids around while they gather their treats, you never know what can happen.

You’ll need to be prepared for all kinds of exploits and happenings. Maybe it snows, or you get an unexpected shower from a mischievous sprite. With a bag as sturdy as Drilleys eco bags, however, you’ll be ready for anything. 

Drilleys eco bags are strong, waterproof (!), tear-resistant, and thoroughly solid. We’re sure you can destroy it if you really try, but it is generally life-resistant.

Whatever creepy, fantastic, supernatural, or otherwise things happen to you this Halloween, your Drilleys bag will be with you on the other side. 

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