Why Every Woman Needs a Tote Bag

VOGATHA ECO TOTE BAG My Vogatha shoulder tote bag is never far from me!

I’ll go ahead and say it: tote bags are one of the most all-purpose, useful, and fashionable daily bags out there. At first thought, you might just think of the recyclable totes you get sometimes at the grocery store, and they probably seem eco and useful, but maybe you’ve never thought of something similar being known as a fashion statement.

The tote bag – including our line of fabulous Vogatha tote bags – is generally speaking like most other shoulder or cross bags out there; a simple, open bag with handles and a removable shoulder strap. But the material and design set them apart from the now-crowded market of tote bags.

Now, you may be wondering, why a tote bag when you can get a purse or similar bag, which might be fancier and more traditionally fashionable?

But then think about the stuff you need to carry on a daily basis. Then add on items you might want to pick up on your way to and from work or class, like groceries or other supplies. Then add in the extra stuff you might want if you want to go straight from work to the gym, instead of having to go all the way home.

Vogatha Medium Shoulder Tote Bag, Navy.
Vogatha Medium Shoulder Tote Bag, Navy.

It’s a lot of stuff, right?

Vogatha tote bags are made with industrial-grade canvas, which means they are super strong, so anything you need to carry won’t damage the bag, but it’s also lightweight. They keep their shape spectacularly well, which means that it’s easy to take things in and out and you don’t have to worry about overloading it. The variety of sizes means you can decide which one works the best depending on what you use it for.

I have a Vogatha medium shoulder bag, and honestly, I use it for everything. It’s my dance bag, my school bag, my daily bag, my go-to bag for running errands. Everything fits, it’s easy to carry on my shoulder or hang from my elbow, and the simplicity and beauty of the design makes it not just “another bag.” It’s fashionable, and I like carrying it. That means I can also take it when I go out in the evening. It’s like a purse, but so much more functional.

Because the material is industrial canvas (the same material used for industrial laundry trucks, carts, and even straitjackets), it’s water resistant, which not many purses or daily bags can brag about. In the summer, take it to the pool or the beach, in the winter, carry it even in the snow. Spring and autumn rains are not a problem.

If you aren’t already hooked on tote bags, give it a try. You’ll soon find yourself wondering how you ever lived without it.

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Fashion and function!
Fashion and function!

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