Angel’s Last Mission Love: Kim Myung-Soo’s Backpack

Angel’s Last Mission Love aired on KBS2 this past spring and received excellent ratings. Kim Myung-soo captured all our hearts in the lead role and bagged a nomination for Best New Actor.

Of course, we’re always on the lookout for the accessories and bags that appear as “guest stars.” We weren’t disappointed with this beautiful drama, as Kim Myung-soo’s character carries a Builford Ranger Backpack.

All About Dan’s Backpack in Angel’s Last Mission Love

One could go on and on about the incredibly sweet love story between Dan and Yeon-seo. But we know you know all about it already, so instead we’ll focus on this fabulous backpack.

The backpack definitely looks a little vintage. That’s because it’s waxed canvas, which is Builford’s specialty. Waxed canvas has a natural vintage quality that Builford plays up, especially by blending it with leather, metal finishings, and vintage-style designs.

The Ranger Backpack, which is the model that appears in Angel’s Last Mission Love, is a particularly interesting model. That’s because it’s fairly small, in contrast to some of Builford’s other larger rucksacks. After all, waxed canvas is perfect for hiking backpacks, and you need a bigger backpack for that!

But Builford backpacks are for much more than just hiking, especially as we can see in the above clip! The Ranger Backpack is a lovely size for more daily use. It’s absolutely perfect for students. It’s also perfect for lovestruck angels, as the case may be!

Wax canvas is a main staple for outdoor adventurers because of its durability and waterproofing. These are certainly both features of Builford’s backpacks as well. However, Builford also found its fashion potential! While some brands took waxed canvas to a very haute couture level, Builford walks the line between the rugged and the elegant. 

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